An artist-led day of collective discussion, advocacy and community focussing on independence in artistic practice. Attended by artists diverse in form and process, age and experience, and with different ideas about what “independence” means (though always framed as a positive and central value), Convergence aimed to articulate realities and plan for futures away from the mainstream. The day (“paid for” by participants with a contribution to a shared lunch) was autonomously convened and offered as a model to be taken up by others to continue conversation.

Convened by Dan Koop, Kieran Swann & Bek Berger

Friday 22 May 2015 at Arts House North Melbourne Town Hall
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Written Responses 
– INDEPENDENT CONVERGENCE – Response from Esther Anatolitis
– Remarks at Independent Convergence – Datty Butt


Let’s talk about the importance of independent practice.